“A whiff of ersatz danger is an added bonus…” A snapshot of Dublin clubbing in 1993

Back in February 1993, it’s fair to say that Dublin clubbing was very much finding its feet, as this article from the Sunday Tribune demonstrates.

According to author Conn Ó Midheach, the Dublin club scene of the early 90s was all about “niche marketing”, and a happy balance of the location, the right people and a liberal attitude.

“So what makes a club?”, he writes. “First, the venue. The right atmosphere has to be generated. Going to it ought to be an event, not just a night out on the prowl. That’s what Leeson Street is there for.

“A whiff of ersatz danger is an added bonus. If the club is down an alleyway or on the docks or in a deserted part of town all the better. It adds a frisson to the walk from the Temple Bar pubs.”

Those were, indeed, the days… 🙂 [Click the article to open in a new tab]

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