It’s 909 day! Check out this insane Jeff Mills 909 workout from 2003…

For a generation of synth nerds and musicophiles, 9th September is otherwise known as 909 day, in honour of the venerable Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer, the granddaddy of drum machines.

Few proponents of this classic piece of kit are as adept as Detroit techno master Jeff Mills, and to this day, the self-styled ‘Wizard’ likes to pepper his set with now-legendary ‘909 workouts’.

For those in any doubt as to the impact the TR-909 had on electronic music (and techno in particular), this clip of Mills at Japan’s Wire 03 event, 15 years ago, is a must-watch.

It’s five minutes of full-on analogue fury. And just when you think it’s over… 🙂


Happy 909 day everyone!

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