We can’t get enough of these dayglo fake rave flyers…

909originals’ Instagram feed has got a whole lot brighter in recent weeks, since we connected with FauxFlyers, a graphic design outfit that specialises in emulating 90s rave flyers… right down to the cartoon character motifs and dayglo paper.

While the individual behind FauxFlyers is remaining anonymous, 909originals caught up with him (or her?) to discuss the inspiration behind the collection.

“I’ve been a Graphic Designer for the corporate world for many years now, and I like to use Instagram as a creative outlet to do side projects that otherwise wouldn’t normally come up in my day to day,”
FauxFlyers told us.

“In my youth I used to go to squat/outdoor free parties mainly in London pretty much every weekend, and whilst I still go to dance music events, now they are getting less frequent… getting old!.”

There’s something brilliantly retro about the designs, with characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Fido Dido appearing alongside some killer Word Art, in a classic Windows 95-infused style.

“I have a passion for 90’s culture and design, which includes raves and early acid house flyers,” FauxFlyers explains.

“I think the brand and cartoon bootlegging / editing / mash up and rough photocopying aspect is great and gives them a real underground tactile and humorous aspect to the design.

“I browse galleries of old rave flyers and put my own direction and uniformity to my pieces, with the help of fluorescent dayglo paper, creating one big piece of art on the Instagram feed.”

But what of the phone numbers that appear at the bottom of each flyer? Do they belong to friends, relatives, or some poor old dear in Skegness?

“Ha ha, I’ve had a few people ask me if they are actual parties and whether the partyline numbers are real. I guess some people don’t pickup that ‘Faux’ means Fake.

“The phone numbers are generated on a fake phone number website used by the film industry, ensuring I don’t accidentally publish a real one by accident and end up with a UK business inundated with calls and messages from curious ravers at midnight…”

Keep up the good work, we say.

Check out FauxFlyers on Instagram by clicking here.

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