Oh yes, oh yes! Check out this interview with Carl Cox from 1992… [June 1992]

If dance music has a ‘national treasure’, it would probably be Carl Cox, who celebrates his 56th birthday today (29 July) – hopefully taking some time off ahead of a special birthday bash at Privilege in Ibiza on Tuesday.

Back in 1992, not long after his debut single on Perfecto Records, I Want You, was released, a youthful-looking Carl gave an interview with The Edge video magazine, in which he discusses his musical origins, future releases, and how he earned a reputation as a ‘three-deck wizard’.  

“That goes back to a big party I did in Oxford called Sunrise ‘Midsummer Night Madness’, in 1989,” he explains. “Every top DJ was there, and I was still quite unknown. There were 15,000 to 20,000 people, open air – the first time I had done a serious, full-on party. My manager at the time, Maxine, she said to me ‘there are three decks there, you know you can do it’…”

And the rest is history. Happy birthday Carl!

[Kudos to bradyman2 for the YouTube upload]


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