THROWBACK THURSDAY: Marcus Mixx – The Spell (Ron Hardy mix) [1988]

Every now and again, an unreleased track from the dawn of house music is unearthed, but few are as captivating as Marcus Mixx’s The Spell (Ron Hardy mix), a track that found its way onto Chicago label Lets Pet Puppies., 18 years after it was recorded.

Recorded in 1988 at the celebrated Head Studios in Chicago, the track was finally released in 2006, having been remastered by Johnny Fiasco. 

The fact that Ron Hardy, the resident at Chicago’s Muzic Box is behind this mix only adds to the track’s allure. The late Hardy, who died in 1992 at the age of just 33, has been widely regarded as ‘the DJ’s DJ’, but few actual productions of his have come to light.

The Spell is a track that lives up to its name, hypnotising the listener with its looping 707 beats and subtle, yet raw intensity – close your eyes and you can almost imagine being back in the Muzic Box some 30 years ago.

We particularly love the moment at around 6:15, when the track reduces to its bare bones, only to come rattling back for the grand finale. 🙂

Also worth a listen is the A-side, Without Makeup, another Mixx/Hardy work that again took almost a quarter century to see the light of day.

[Kudos to Gazzz696 for the YouTube upload]

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