Are Orbital set to be the ’special guest’ at the World Cup 2018 Opening Ceremony?

There are just days to go until the World Cup kicks off in Russia this Thursday, and while a number of the acts performing at the event at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium have already been confirmed, 909originals is holding out some hope that the ‘still to be announced’ special guest is none other than seminal dance duo Orbital.

The reason? Orbital are currently in Russia for the Bosco Fresh Festival, an event taking place today and tomorrow, with the Hartnoll brothers set to headline the event’s Main Stage on Monday night.

The opening ceremony for the World Cup is due to kick off at around 4.30pm Moscow time this Thursday, and, according to their diary, the Hartnoll brothers have no musical commitments until Friday, when they DJ at Kenwood House in the UK.

Plenty of time, in other words, to sample the best that the Russian capital has to offer, before dazzling the world with what would be one of the most spectacular opening ceremonies since Diana Ross famously missed a penalty at USA 94 (ok, a bit better than that)…

Would there be a better way than THIS to kick off a festival of football? We don’t think so.

We’re not sure who we need to call to make this happen, but President Putin, if you’re listening, stop cozying up to Donald Trump and make this happen… 🙂

[Kudos to BBC Music for the YouTube upload]

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