Reporting on the early 90s US rave scene… [November 1992]

While the European dance scene of the early 90s can be said to have influenced popular culture as we know it today, the same cannot be said in the US, where the rave scene remained largely underground right up until the end of the decade… barring the occasional appearance of the ‘Club Kids’ on daytime chat shows.

In November 1992, the Associated Press published a report on the emerging scene, where kids from various States across the country gathered week-in, week-out to lose themselves to the music.

“Every week, we’ll travel to Baltimore, Rhode Island, DC, Long Island; anywhere there’s a rave,” one 19 year old is quoted as saying. “It’s the best place to meet great people who are into the same thing you are: music and positive energy It’s like we’re part of the Travelling Techno Rainbow Family.”

There’s an adorable innocence about the article, too, as if the generation of 90s ravers are simply ploughing the same furrow as their parents did, back in the 60s.

“Raves are an escape, it’s an adrenaline rush,” says an interviewee. “My mom was a hippie, a Deadhead. I figure this is the equivalent of what she was doing. Mini Woodstocks.”

[Article taken from Daily News, November 25, 1992, archived by Google]

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