I will never get tired of watching Shaun Ryder trying to describe ‘Voodoo Ray’…

Not content with featuring one Happy Mondays-related post today, here’s another, which also features another Manchester music icon.

One of THE seminal acid house tracks of the late 80s, A Guy Called Gerald’s Voodoo Ray made its first appearance in the charts on this day in 1989.

Back in 2001, Channel 4’s epic Pump Up The Volume documentary called on those that were part of the Manchester music scene at the time, such as the Mondays’ Shaun Ryder, to relive those heady days.

I’m still not sure exactly what track Ryder is describing here, but I LOVE IT.

“And you’d had a pill, and then there was this doof, door, doof going over it. And then boing, BOING, boing, boing! And aaaahhhhh! You know, I mean, and that was it!”

Never change, Shaun.

[Kudos to alphaville99 for the YouTube upload]

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