Club flyers? Nah, I’m gonna use my pager…

How did tech-savvy clubbers in the late 90s look to keep up to date with the latest club listings? Flyers? Pah! They used their pager, of course.

Looking to develop a new ‘digital flyer’ type service, in 1997, the UK’s Ministry of Sound nightclub launched a ‘music information’ service on the VodaZap pager from Vodafone, which offered details of the ‘hottest club tracks’, the latests industry news, and of course, the must-visit venues for that week (which, we assume, included the Ministry of Sound itself)…

Looking back, 21 years later, its somewhat amusing to think that in the pre-smartphone age, this was considered the height of advanced technology, available for a snip at £89.99.

But with ads like this one, how could any self-respecting club kid refuse?

However, unlike the humble club flyer, this is one medium that has not lasted the test of time…

[Kudos to The Hall of Advertising for the upload]

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