WIRED explores the ‘roots’ of techno… [July 1994]

WIRED magazine has long had its finger on the electronic pulse of modern society, and one year on from its formation, the Condé Nast-owned publication headed to Detroit to discover the roots of techno, in the eyes of pioneer Juan Atkins.

This article, from July 1994, explores some of the early iterations of Atkins’ music, as well as the transition of Detroit’s music scene from the Motown-led ‘motor city’ to the home of something a lot darker and deeper. (Also worth a read for the discovery that Kraftwerk’s Karl Bartos was heavily influenced by James Brown…)

“There was a time seven or eight years ago when you could go into a city and four out of five people didn’t know what a sequencer was. Now maybe one out of five doesn’t.”

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