A look at Cream Liverpool’s website… from 1997

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, as the saying goes, but Archive.org still throws up the odd gem – as I discovered the other day when I searched for www.cream.co.uk, the website of the late nightclub (and now global clubbing empire) based in Liverpool, using the ‘Wayback Machine.’

The earliest site record, from January 1997, is a glorious example of lo-fi web browsing, with a Cream logo etched onto an image of the earth, the obligatory web counter, and a myriad of links to explore.

A highlight is Nick Warren’s top ten in the ‘Resident DJ Profile’ page (would love to hear him play these out today!) but the real treasure is the ‘Cream Club Chat’ page, where clubbers discuss what their plans are for New Years’ Eve 1999, and list their ‘S..t DJs’ (a time capsule now immortalised for all time thanks to the internet)….

“One guy said Okenfold [sic] was s…!- I have seen most of the best DJ’s in the country and some worldwide at Cream over the past 3 years and Okenfold is definatly the best, as his sessions are consistantly [sic] bloody s… hot- I hope he stays at Cream for a f’in long time!!!!!…” [Thanks ‘evo’, whoever you are]

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