SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND: Danny Tenaglia, Global Underground 017: London, CD2 [September 2000]

Music is like a time machine. Some chord progression or random melody can transport you back to a certain place and time in your life: the people you were with, the moments you shared…

If it sounds like I’m getting all sentimental, well maybe I am. CD2 of Global Underground 017 is one of those mixes that will live long in the memory, despite a few brain cells having been knocked off in the years since I first heard it.

Also, given that this weekend marks a milestone birthday for a dear friend, it wouldn’t be right to share anything else.

Recorded in 2000, the mix is a retrospective of a set Danny Tenaglia played in now-defunct London superclub Home. While CD1 is a decent, if slightly housey effort, CD2 is a fantastic voyage, from the opening bars of Microworld’s dreamy Signals, to the closing voice intonating ‘The enchantment is over’ as the mix blends out.

Highlights? Too many to mention – the chugging baseline of F2’s Dominica; the ‘hands in the air’ breakdown in the middle of Schiller’s Ruhe (Humate Mix); the unexpected blast of techno from Devilfish to close proceedings.

The stand-out, ‘hairs on the back of your neck’ moment, however, occurs at exactly 46 minutes and 12 seconds, as MK’s Burning breaks down into a passionate isolated vocal refrain.

Happy birthday Tony, ya filthy animal…

Microworld – Signals
DJ Linus – Otradnojoe
Lando – Magical Digital Drum
Elegia – Basic
Evolution – Phoenix
F2 – Dominica
Vegas Soul – Junk Funk
MK – Burning
Schiller – Ruhe
I-Ching feat DJ Patrick Reid – Ways of Love
Art of Trance Monsoon
Devilfish – Live 1999

[Kudos to Global Underground Series for the upload]

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