Homelands Ireland, 18 years ago today… [September 1999]

Today, 25 September, marks 18 years to the day since the Homelands Ireland 1999, a landmark festival in Irish clubland…

While the UK had played host to a myriad of dance-themed events over the course of the decade, including Tribal Gathering, the Fantazia events and the original Homelands itself, Ireland was yet to experience anything like it, save for a few ‘dance tents’ at festivals like Féile, in Tipperary.

Homelands Ireland changed all that, and as this documentary, broadcast shortly after the event, shows, the fact that THIS IS HAPPENINGin IRELAND! is writ large across the faces of anyone involved in the Irish dance music industry, not to mention the 20,000 or so happy punters (including me!) that made the trip to Mosney Holiday Centre on a soggy September afternoon.

As they say in Irish, Ní bheidh a leithéid arís ann – we’ll never see its like again…

[Kudos to brandnewretro.ie for the image upload, and Ronan Carty for the video]

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