The comments on this rave video keep getting better… [January 1994]

Earlier this year, Shortlist published one of the most life affirming posts on the rave scene, writing about a video that has been doing the rounds on YouTube for a couple of years now, entitled, Old School Rave – The Morning After The Night Before

Documenting the morning after a Fantazia new year party, it’s a must watch for anyone that has seen the sun come up in the countryside, set to a techno beat – here it is again for the uninitiated.

As Shortlist pointed out, the identity girl at the end of the video who steals the show with her freaky dancing (likely to the music in her head) has been revealed, as the woman herself, Michelle Marie Smith, replied to a comment on the whereabouts of her car.

The comment thread that follows is brilliant, a summary of why those that lived through these heady days will take the memories with them forever.

And it gets better… since this Shortlist post was published, the same comments thread has reunited Marie with one of her old raver pals, Danny, who she has been trying to find for years.

For those that thought the internet was a soulless place, this shows how the web can be a beautiful thing.

“RAVE ON ALL RAVERS!” as Smith herself might put it.

[Kudos to RockSimian for uploading the original video]

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