For rent: An iconic piece of London clubbing history…

Anyone got a couple of million to spare?

Commercial property consultants Lambert Smith Hampton have among their listed properties one Crowne House, located at 56-58 Southwark Street, SE1, London. From the website, it looks like just another office space, and at £59.50 per square foot, it’s reflective of London property prices in general…

Also, from Google Street View, it doesn’t look like anything special.

However, this unassuming location has a iconic history that a generation of ravers would be all too familiar with – it was the original location of Shoom, Danny Rampling’s legendary club that ‘started it all’…

As Rampling told author Matthew Collin back in the excellent book on rave culture, Altered State, “The word [Shoom] expressed the feeling of the club – up, positive energy…”

We here at 909originals are thinking about starting a Kickstarter fund to raise the money to buy this clubbing landmark and turn it into a museum of rave culture… who’s in?

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