Los Angeles’ ‘Ditch Parties’: all baseball caps and computer cleaner… [1993]

“This teenage partygoer is sucking computer cleaner. It gives him a high, and he stumbles into the arms of his girlfriend…”

The opening line of this Fox 11 Los Angeles news report, broadcast in 1993, sets the scene for the story that unfolds, on Los Angeles’ ‘Ditch Party’ movement.

It’s a fascinating look at the house scene on the west coast of the US in the early 90s; where baseball caps are essential accessories, everybody seems to be part of a ‘crew’, and Soft Cell’s Tainted Love is considered early morning rave fare.

As one Redditor recalls here, “I remember my parents watching this on the news and told me if they ever catch me at one of these parties, they’ll send me to the military hahaha..”

Good times. [Kudos to Illavision for the upload]

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