NME reviews Acid House, live… [October 1988]

With the post-Smiths, pre-Stone Roses late 80s a largely stale period for British rock, music weekly NME cast its eye over the burgeoning acid house scene, and, judging by these reviews below (uploaded to the now sadly defunct Archived Music Press blog), was less than impressed…

“Aren’t Smiley t-shirts the dumbest fashion accessory of the year?” starts Jack Barron‘s review of an event in Brixton’s legendary The Fridge, in NME‘s 29 October 1988 edition.

“Certainly there are plenty of those stupid orange Jaffa heads leering from scrawny chests for the first ever live acid house gig in the UK. That tonight, when a host of people you’ve probably never heard of unzip their samplers and flash their oscillators, is as trippy as stumbling over a dog turd is purely the fault of the bands…”

Richard Noise’s review of an event in London’s Europa Studios is slightly more forthcoming – “The one-nighter’s position has never been healthier” – yet largely it seems that at the time, the NME was a magazine that still had to ‘reach for the lasers’…

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