Faithless remixes ‘The Crown’ theme to mark series’ entry into the 90s

Season five of The Crown kicked off earlier this month on Netflix, and with the popular series exploring the events of the early to mid 90s, one of that decade’s biggest acts, Faithless, has stepped forward to remix the show’s theme tune.

“I could hear in my head how this mix could work around Hans Zimmer’s iconic and dramatic strings,” Faithless‘ Sister Bliss says of the remix. “I dug around in the vaults and found lots of sounds and samples we actually saved from the 1990s when we were making our albums. I thought ‘these are genuinely good’, so I loaded them up for this remix of Hans Zimmer’s score.”

You can listen to the theme in full here. It is backed by a video from producer Alice Isaac, which features 90s imagery in her signature style of collage and animation.

The latest season explores the period from 1991 to 1997, which was a period from scandal to defiance for the British Royal Family, while at the same time seeing the growth of the dance scene – the counter cultural energy was spreading just as fast as the scandals that surrounded the story of the Royals.

Sister Bliss describes the reworked theme as “unapologetically Faithless”, adding that it uses some of the “original sounds that myself and Rollo made together” back in the day.

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