#MyRecordBag – Skint Records founder Midfield General shares his all-time Brighton classics

Skint Records has been a mainstay on the dance scene since the mid 90s, helping launch the careers of artists such as Fatboy Slim, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Cut La Roc, Lo Fidelity Allstars and countless others.

Having lit the touchpaper for the nascent ‘big beat‘ movement at the turn of the century, the Brighton-based imprint has become a home for house, techno, indie pop and a myriad of genres over its lifespan.

One of the biggest tracks in the label’s illustrious history was the Elvis Costello-sampling Coatnoise, released by Skint founder Midfield General (aka Damian Harris) in 2000 – the Dave Clarke mix in particular being one of the biggest tracks of that year.

Some two decades on from its release, Bulgarian techno wizard KiNK has now updated the track for a new generation. Midfield General – Coatnoise (KiNK Remix) was released on 14 October, and can be downloaded here.

Given Skint’s longstanding association with all things Brighton, 909originals asked the Midfield General himself to compile a playlist of tracks closely associated with the south coast town, and his career to date.

Coco Steel & Lovebomb – Feel It (Warp)

“I owe so much to Chris, Lene and The Coco Club. When I arrived in Brighton to go to the art college it was the best club in town. I wangled a job doing the visuals, which led to warming up and the occasional main slot when if Chris was away. They also let me sit in when they made this gem.

“I had tried to transformer scratch the ‘feeeeeeeeel it’ but it was rubbish. I did, however, run to the shops for biscuits and skin up though.”

Wildchild – Renegade Master (Legends of the Dark Black)

“I owe so much to Roger ‘Wildchild’ McKenzie. When his production career took off, I took over his job at Loaded Records. He taught me how to use a studio and make music – and his tragic passing made us determined not to waste our opportunity. Skint was inspired by him… even if he’d have hated most of it. RIP.”

Fatboy Slim – Santa Cruz (Skint)

“When I first got the ok to start a record label, the first person I asked to make me something was my friend – and landlord – Norman Cook. A few days later he gave me this. Safe to say it was a life-changing moment for both of us.”

Req One – Subculture (Skint)

“This is one of my favourite ever Skint releases. I’m incredibly proud of both the song and the video. I find Req’s f**ked up, abstract wonky hip-hop irresistible. The same goes for his art – he’s a true artist.”

Bobby Konders – The Poem (Nu Groove)

“No direct connection to Brighton on this, other than that it was on the beach with my friends after a Tonka party when I first heard this expectational record. One of those blissful experiences that never leaves you.”

Reese – Bassline (Fragile Records)

“The original Coatnoise was my homage to Kevin Saunderson – one of my greatest influences. To be able to make deep underground techno like this, and then make timeless classics like Big Fun and Good Life is just incredible.”

Dave Clarke – Wisdom To The Wise – Red 2 (Bush)

“I used to love serving Dave Clarke when he came into Brighton’s Rounder Records. He was very picky and hard to please, but that made it all the more satisfying when you found a gem for him. Speaking of gems – this is one of the finest moments in techno. A stunning record.”

Super Collider – Darn (Cold Way of Lovin’) (Skint / Loaded)

“A collaboration between Cristian Vogel and Jamie Lidell. This encapsulates a time of incredible creativity, when they were both living in Brighton and making music from the future. Even though it’s 23 years old, it STILL sounds like it’s from the future.

“The video for this was filmed in my house – I had got the keys but not yet moved in. I was away for the weekend… but I still meet Brighton people who tell me they were at the party.”

Midfield General feat. Noel Fielding – Midfielding (Skint)

“I’ve always liked the idea of making a track that told a story. In 1999, I was looking for a storyteller and stumbled across Noel Fielding’s first ever TV performance. It was a sign…”

Dexter Wansel – Life on Mars (Philadelphia International)

“I first heard this slab of jazz-funk genius at Tonka, where Harvey played it as his last record. It took a few months to find a copy, but once it was in my box it never left. A perfect end of nighter.”

Midfield General – Coatnoise (KiNK Remix) is out now on Skint, and can be downloaded here.

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