John Tejada, Funk D’Void and Terry Farley among the names on board at new Analytic Records label

Leading artists such as John Tejada, Clive Henry, Colin Dale, Funk D’Void and Terry Farley are on board at a new dance imprint, Analytic Records, which releases its first EP on 1 April.

The inaugural release on the label will be 7 Peaks, from Belfast tech house duo Audio Analysts, which is backed by two mixes from Terry Francis – an upfront house reworking of the track, and an acid-tinged dub workout.

The EP is rounded off by a remix from UK artist Mica, who has been making waves recently with her own take on deep tech and house music.

Analytic Records is the brainchild of production duo Dean Church and Jonny Blevins, aka the Audio Analysts.

“Analytic Records is set to be the UK’s newest and most cutting edge underground dance music label to arrive on the scene,” the label put it in a statement. “Armed with all the ingredients, it has put together an immense schedule of releases, ready to launch with impact across the globe this season.”

In short, expect this to be a “record label that will stand toe-to-toe with any of the industries current heavyweights.” One to watch, in other words.

Audio Analysts – 7 Peaks will be released as a Beatport exclusive on 1 April, ahead of a general release on 15 April. Pre-sale available from 25 March. Words by Márcia Costa.

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