Daft Punk’s ‘exclusive’ 1997 livestream is now all over YouTube

Last night (22 February), Daft Punk unveiled an ‘exclusive one-off livestream’ of a gig at Los Angeles’ Mayan Theater, recorded on 17 December 1997, on their Twitch channel.

The ‘one-off’ broadcast, of the gig from the duo’s Daftendirektour, was broadcast at 22:22 GMT, on 22/2/22, to mark the first anniversary of their split.

If, like us, you didn’t get the memo, fear not – a myriad of fans captured the broadcast in its entirety and have since uploaded it to YouTube.

We suspect it won’t be up there for long, so make sure you have a gander before it gets taken down.

For those familiar with Daft Punk’s Alive ’97 CD, you can expect more of the same – an hour and a half of electronic rawness from the then-unmasked pair.

Tracks include Da Funk, Rollin and Scratchin, Alive, Around The World, Revolution 909… basically all of the Homework album, as well as a couple of surprises. Enjoy!

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