Here are all the answers to the 909originals Old School Christmas Quiz

Nobody said it was going to be easy, but that didn’t stop lots of you from trying your hand at the 909originals Old School Christmas Quiz over the holiday season, for the chance to win a BIG BOX OF CANS from Whiplash Beer.

While our Christmas elves have since returned to the North Pole, they managed to find the time – while nursing a serious hangover – to calculate the results, and we can exclusively reveal that the WINNER is…


Congratulations Richie, you’ve won a 12-pack of beers from the Whiplash range (including some of those pictured) and an exclusive Whiplash beanie hat. Drop us an email here so we can get your details. Huge thanks to Whiplash for their support, and for keeping our thirst quenched during 2021.

You can find the answers below. And to paraphrase the late Tupac Shakur, “What more can we say? We wouldn’t be here today… if the old school didn’t pave the way.” Preach.

909originals’ Old School Christmas Quiz ANSWERS (in Bold)

1 – Q. Which of these artists did NOT play at Homelands Ireland 1999?

a) Underworld
b) Hybrid
c) Orbital
d) Leftfield*

2 Q. In what year did The Ormond Multimedia Centre close down?

a) 1995
b) 1996
c) 1997*
d) 1998

3 Q. Which of these was NOT a weekly night held at Dublin’s Ri-Ra?

a) Strictly Handbag
b) Willpower
c) Genius*
d) Sleep

4 Q. Latin Wolff was a popular DJ on the Dublin scene back in the 90s. But what is Latin Wolff’s real name?

a) Barry Mickleson
b) Barry Morrison
c) Barry Martin
d) Barry Mullen*

5 Q. The Kitchen nightclub opened on a significant date in 1994 – was it?

a) Valentine’s Day*
b) Easter Sunday
c) Halloween Night
d) St Stephen’s Day

6 Q.Which of these artists did NOT play at the legendary Dance Nation event, held at The Point in 1995?

a) DJ Pressure
b) Sound Crowd
c) 4th Dimension*
d) Liquid Wheel

7 Q. Where in Dublin would you have found the Gardening Club?

a) Harcourt Street
b) Bedford Lane
c) Camden Street
d) Crown Alley*

8 Q. Which international DJ played Slane Castle in 2004, alongside Madonna and Iggy Pop?

a) Carl Cox
b) Paul Oakenfold*
c) Sasha
d) Fatboy Slim

9 Q. Mark McCabe is best known for his single Maniac 2000. But what was the name of his follow up single, released a year later?

a) Dressed To Kill
b) Love Is In The Air*
c) Hands In The Air
d) Oggy Oggy Oggy

10 Q. Which of these is the name of a track by Belfast legend David Holmes?

a) My Mate Dave
b) My Mate Paul*
c) My Mate Barry
d) My Mate Steve

11 Q. In what year did the very last ‘official’ Creation rave take place, in Blessington Co. Wicklow?

a) 2004
b) 2005
c) 2006
d) 2007*

12 Q. The Pod nightclub was designed by a noted international club designer. What was his name?

a) Ron McClintock
b) Ron McCulloch*
c) Ron McGoldrick
d) Ron McGowan

13 Q. What did the Dublin venue known as The Waterfront later become known as?

a) Tin Pan Alley
b) Columbia Mills*
c) The Kitchen
d) Temple of Sound

14 Q. In 1998, Mr Spring released a track that shares a name with a NASA space probe? Was it:

a) Pioneer
b) New Horizons
c) Voyager*
d) Galileo

15 Q. Daft Punk played their first gig in Dublin in 1997, in what venue?

a) Temple Theatre
b) RedBox*
c) Temple of Sound
d) The Point

16 Q. 90s dance act 4th Dimension hailed from what county?

a) Cork
b) Kerry*
c) Waterford
d) Limerick

17 Q. The DJ and producer Pete Mescalero is better known by what name?

a) DJ Pressure
b) DJ Kayos
c) DJ Tayor
d) DJ Mek*

18 Q. Complete the title of this dance track by Al Gibbs and Tony Dexter – Balearic…?

a) Sunrise*
b) Sunset
c) Sunshine
d) Suntan

19 Q. In what year did the Temple Theatre open?

a) 1995
b) 1996*
c) 1997
d) 1998

20 Q. In what county would you have found The Point Inn nightclub?

a) Monaghan
b) Cavan
c) Leitrim
d) Donegal*

21 Q. While Homelands Ireland was the first proper dance festival to take place in Ireland, Tribal Gathering had explored hosting an event a few years previously. In what year was that scheduled to take place, before being cancelled?

a) 1993
b) 1994
c) 1995*
d) 1996

22 Q. Where in Dublin would you have found the club The Funnel?

a) City Quay*
b) Eden Quay
c) Burgh Quay
d) Aston Quay

23 Q. The premises that once housed the Hot Press Hall Of Fame reopened as a nightclub in 2002 – what was its name?

a) Spirit*
b) Hangar
c) Traffic
d) Button Factory

24 Q. What county in Ireland did the late nightclub promoter John Reynolds hail from?

a) Westmeath
b) Longford*
c) Kilkenny
d) Offaly

25 Q. Which 90s rock group shares its name with a famous nightclub in Co Monaghan?

a) Soundgarden
b) Garbage
c) Blur
d) Oasis*

  1. Q. The 1993 track MoonBoom was released by which artist?

a) Mad Sound Devil
b) Mad Sound Disease*
c) Mad Sound Doctor
d) Mad Sound Disorder

27 Q. Which of these is the correct name of a single released by Johnny Moy in 1994?

a) Skirt
a) Dirt
c) Squirt*
d) Flirt

28 Q. The former owner of the Olympic Ballroom passed away last year at the age of 88. What was his name?

a) Liam Flynn
b) Liam Byrne
c) Liam Dunne
d) Liam Ryan*

29 Q. In what year did Bodytonic launch a residency in the Kitchen Nightclub?

a) 2000
b) 2001*
c) 2002
d) 2003

30 Q. What was Sound Crowd’s first single, released in February 1993?

a) Think About It
b) The Public Image EP
c) Olympic States
d) The Eclectic EP*

31 Q. Dublin club Pygmalion takes its name from a work by which Irish author and playwright?

a) Samuel Beckett
b) George Bernard Shaw*
c) James Joyce
d) Oscar Wilde

32 Q. What is drum ‘n’ bass artist Naphta’s real name?

a) Shane O’Connell
b) Shane O’Leary
c) Shane O’Donnell
d) Shane O’Shea*

33 Q. The venue that hosted the Columbia Mills nightclub featured in a well-known Irish movie. What was it?

a) The Snapper
b) The Van
c) The Commitments*
d) The Butcher Boy

34 Q. In what year did Dublin’s Abbey Discs close its doors?

a) 2006
b) 2007
c) 2008*
d) 2009

35.Q. Legendary club night UFO used which well-known character on much of its artwork and branding?

a) Mickey Mouse
b) Bart Simpson
c) Papa Smurf
d) Michelin Man*

36 Q. DJ Aiden Kelly was famously sacked from The Kitchen Nightclub when he refused to play a request for which supermodel?

a) Naomi Campbell*
b) Kate Moss
c) Cindy Crawford
d) Helena Christensen

37 Q. On what street in Dublin would you have found the Olympic Ballroom?

a) Wexford Street
b) Pleasants Street*
c) Harcourt Street
d) Richmond Street

38 Q. 4th Dimension’s track Storm famously sampled which Irish traditional music artist?

a) Donal Lunny
b) Paddy Moloney
c) Mary Black
d) Sharon Shannon*

39 Q. Who headlined the Heaven On Earth party at The Point Depot in 1992?

a) The Prodigy*
b) SL2
c) Shades Of Rhythm
d) The Ragga Twins

40 Q. At which Dublin club might you have found the Sleaze Box?

a) The Kitchen
b) McGonagles
c) Tivoli Theatre
d) Sides DC*

41 Q. Dublin’s Temple Theatre ran a regular disco themed night named after what popular TV show?

a) Happy Days
b) Starsky & Hutch*
c) The Love Boat
d) Hawaii Five-O

42 Q. In 1997, The Pod’s John Reynolds was linked with a bid to take over which legendary nightclub in the UK?

a) Cream
b) The Hacienda*
c) Ministry Of Sound
d) Heaven

43 Q. What is the first name of Agnelli from Agnelli & Nelson?

a) Chris*
b) Conor
c) Clive
d) Charlie

44 Q. In what year did The Furnace nightclub open in Dublin?

a) 1992
b) 1993*
c) 1994
d) 1995

45 Q. Which DJ and recording artist also recorded under the pseudonym Death Before Disco?

a) David Holmes*
b) Mr Spring
c) Johnny Moy
d) Billy Scurry

46 Q. In 1994, Cork’s FishGoDeep released a single on Red Records under a different name. Was it..?

a) FishGoTech*
b) FishGoBass
c) FishGoHouse
d) FishGoBang

47 Q. Bumble’s 1992 single West in Motion was remixed by which dance music legend?

a) Carl Cox
b) Paul Oakenfold
c) Andrew Weatherall*
d) Todd Terry

48 Q. Ajax Disco Spanner was a side project of which Irish dance act?

a) Decal*
b) Bass Odyssey
c) Sound Crowd
d) 4th Dimension

49 Q. Oisin Lunny’s dance project Firstborn had a track in which 1999 movie?

a) Fight Club
b) The Matrix
c) The Sixth Sense
d) Human Traffic*

50 Q. In December 2020, 909originals hosted an online poll to decide Ireland’s favourite old school dance track. What won?

a) Ubiquity ‎– Bolivian Angel
b) Secret Weapon – Dream Lover*
c) 4th Dimension – Pure Dream
d) Mark McCabe – Maniac 2000

Thanks again to everybody for entering! Stay tuned to 909originals for more old school goodness… 🙂

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