A new techno venue is opening in Dublin this weekend, and we can’t wait…

Dublin’s got a new subterranean techno venue, and given the history of its location, we’re expecting big things…

Cellar, located on East Essex Street in Temple Bar, is situated in the same space that once housed The Kitchen nightclub, the U2-owned venture that was one of the best venues for techno during its late 90s peak – Jason Denham’s JDP venture brought over everyone from DJ Rush to Umek on Friday nights, while the Red-Bull-and-vodka-infused Genius nights on Tuesdays were arguably Dublin’s greatest ever student nights.

And that’s not forgetting the infamous moat around the dancefloor, which consumed no end of pint glasses and handbags over the course of an average night.

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The Kitchen closed in 2002, reopening for a period at the start of the 2010s before being transformed into The Liquor Rooms. The fact that The Workmans Club team is now reopening it as a techno venue is the best news we’ve heard all year.

Friday nights are going to be hosted by the EVE collective, while Saturday nights will be manned by Sam Greenwood of Techno & Cans and Four Four Mag.

This coming weekend sees the EVE crew kick things off on Friday, while Saturday sees Aero, Fiveseven and Billy Spike Iland man the ones and twos.

As the official press release puts it, “At 300 capacity, the basement venue offers an intimate setting to enjoy the best in Irish dance music. Across both nights we will see numerous opportunities for local DJs to collaborate, offering local talent and rising stars a much needed platform against a clubbing backdrop that has become increasingly saturated by international bookings.

“Taking inspiration from some of the best clubs, the space will have a strict no cameras, flash lights or phone policy to ensure everyone attending is completely immersed in the music from day one. The focus will be purely on the sound, atmosphere and the dance floor.”

Tickets are available here. See you down the front!

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