How to do your own PR – The Mother Lode unveils free guide for up and coming artists

Anyone involved in the music industry knows that creating art, whether that be a techno stomper or acoustic ballad, is only part of the story – in order to get noticed, you have to play the PR game.

But not all artists can call upon the advice of marketing experts or PR gurus when starting out, and with that in mind, UK-based agency The Mother Lode has launched How To Do Your Own PR: A Free Guide, a new series aimed specifically at helping young artists and content creators build their profiles using PR practices.

This includes advice on how to write an artist bio, what to put in a press kit, how to take your own press shots, how to write a press release how to pitch to media, how to pitch to radio, and importantly, how to think ‘outside of the box’, ensuring you get noticed.

The aim of the guide, says creator Kat Bailey, CEO of UK-based agency The Mother Lode, is to help the next generation of artists access and understand the elusive world of music media.

“The vast majority of young artists can’t afford a publicist,” Bailey says of the guide. “It’s definitely a luxury that’s usually reserved for established acts who are already making revenue from streams, sales, merch and touring.

“But if you’re a young producer, making music in your bedroom, the chances are that you’ve probably got a lot more time on your hands than most of these more established stars. The ‘How To Do Your Own PR’ series gives you all the information you could possibly need to do a PR campaign by yourself if you’re prepared to put the time in.”

The free series, which can be accessed at, also features input from a variety of industry experts, including Katie Bain, Director of Billboard Dance, Carl Loben, Editor-in-Chief of DJ Mag, Seb Wheeler, Mixmags former Head of Digital, BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix producer Huw Owen, Armada Music’s Justine Servais, 6AM Group Editor-in-Chief Daisy Magaña and many more.

“No one can do it on their own, and I’m a firm believer in abundantly sharing knowledge,” said Magaña of her involvement in the series. “You don’t know what you don’t know and not everyone has the same access to resources.”

For more information about How To Do Your Own PR: A Free Guide, click here.

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