Lee Burridge announces All Day I Dream world tour

Lee Burridge has kicked off a world tour for his All Day I Dream record label and events brand, with the first 12 events taking in parties in Ibiza, Mykonos, London, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and more.

Marking ten years of the All Day I Dream label, the brand will reprise its residencies in Mykonos and Ibiza, where Burridge and his label compatriots will take over the Scorpios and Cova Santa venues for multiple seaside sessions, along with a number of international dates.

Click here for tickets and other information.

Though the world shut down over a year ago, Lee Burridge and All Day I Dream never abandoned their mission to foster deep connections with their followers, through the regular ‘All Day I Stream sessions’, featuring a revolving cast of labelmates and a residency at Sirius XM.

The All Day I Dream label has also witnessed one of its most robust release schedules to date with Tim Green, Lost Desert, Gorje Hewek, Fulltone, Amonita, and others putting out solid deep house cuts every month.

Reflecting on ten years of the All Day I Dream brand, Lee told 909originals a couple of months back, “Each person makes the events just that little bit better. I feel they’ve become a community rather than just a bunch of strangers turning up to dance. You can really feel it when you walk into the events. There’s a synergy and shared experience happening, and I always walk around or go dance and be a part of that feeling.

“This lingers with me and keeps me in touch with how it actually feels to experience the party. I listen as well, when people share their experiences. This pushes me to continue to work on the aesthetic or who I might bring to play.”

All Day I Dream 2021 Word Tour Dates

July 11 – Bloomendaal, NL
July 18 – Brooklyn, NY
July 22 – Mykonos, GR
July 29 – Ibiza, ES
August 1 – London, UK
August 5 – Mykonos, GR
August 7 – San Francisco, CA
August 12 – Ibiza, ES
August 15 – Denver, CO
August 19 – Mykonos, GR
August 21 – Chicago, IL
August 26 – Ibiza, ES
September 4 – Los Angeles, CA
September 9 – Mykonos, GR
September 23 – Ibiza, ES
October 7 – Ibiza, ES

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