Local authorities seek to rectify measures prohibiting DJs from performing in Ibiza

The unthinkable looks like it may have been avoided.

Following fears that DJ performances on Ibiza were to be prohibited this year due to COVID health regulations, the island’s local authorities have moved to rectify the matter, noting that a DJ performance is considered ‘a cultural activity of live music’ and is therefore permitted under the guidelines.

The Balearic government’s Dirección General de Emergencias e Interior had issued a written notice stating that DJ performances would “not be allowed under current regulations”, citing a public health agreement issued earlier in May, according to reports.

A ‘noise limit’ of 60 decibels would also be applied to venues playing background music, according to the legislation.

These regulations would not apply to musical performances designated as ‘cultural activities’, however, and local government officials have sought to include DJing within that cultural context.

As Minister Mariano Juan Colomar noted on Twitter, “The @Consell_Eivissa has asked the Balearic Government for a rectification regarding the decision taken yesterday to prohibit DJs from entertaining in establishments under the same conditions as other artists. Electronic music is a very important part of our industry.”

The Balearic government’s pronouncement banning DJs from performing had already garnered criticism on social media, with Diego Calvo, the CEO of the Concept Hotel Group writing on Facebook, “Tourists come mostly to Ibiza for leisure. Music is one of our greatest values and in such difficult times as those we are experiencing is so necessary that it seems crazy to me to dispense with it.

“What harm does it do? After a year and three months of lockdown, people need joy in their lives and music offers that. DJs are responsible for putting a soundtrack to our visitors’ vacation.”

Over the past few days, tourists have started to arrive in Ibiza, with videos emerging at the weekend of drinking and dancing taking place in San Antonio.

While the continuing pandemic means that the summer of 2021 is unlikely to meet the heady heights of previous years on the White Isle, it would be hard to fathom an Ibiza WITHOUT music.

Thankfully, it looks like we won’t have to.

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