These old Berghain flyer designs will haunt your dreams…

Having been closed for more than a year now, Berlin clubbing mecca Berghain/Panorama Bar is doing the best it can to keep going.

The venue recently announced plans for an immersive exhibition on the history of the Berlin landscape, in association with Danish animation artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen.

That exhibition runs from July 10 to September 26, an indication perhaps that Berghain isn’t expecting to pack in techno lovers – albeit after a lengthy queue – any time soon.

But while there are no clubbing dates on the horizon, there’s nothing to stop us from delving into the club’s artistic past, most notably through its flyer designs, which at times have been experimental, psychedelic… and downright unsettling.

With that in mind, here are five Berghain flyer designs that will haunt your dreams. Click each flyer for more information.

August 2019

Created by Oliver Sperl, this is a erotic shoot like you’ve never seen before, as disembodied hands (with heads) get frisky on the floor. Gives a new meaning to the word ‘hand job’. Terrifying.

February 2017

Like relentless techno at 8am the next morning, nature can be a cruel place – as this image by Evelyn Bencicova, featuring bald rats gnawing at an indeterminate cadaver demonstrates.

March 2020

The last club flyer before lockdown, Marc Brandenburg’s ‘Camouflage-Pullover’ artwork will make us never look at a Christmas jumper the same way again.

October 2014

Artist Grigoris Myrgiotis calls this work A Sequel Of Decay, and we’re not sure what’s more terrifying, the vacant look on the main character’s face, or the Hieronymous Bosch-esque creatures gallivanting beneath.

February 2011

Straight out of the ‘My First Surrealist Experience’ school book, what gets us most about this flyer is the maniacal look on each of the children’s faces. “Come play with us…”

You can find more old Berghain flyer designs by clicking here, and feel free to share links to equally terrifying flyers in the comments below. Sweet dreams… 🙂

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