Greg Wilson’s Discotheque Archives looks like an essential stocking filler…

Legendary selector Greg Wilson has released his Discotheque Archives in a book format for the first time, and it looks to us like being an essential stocking filler this Christmas.

The book, which is only available via Wilson’s Bandcamp site, shines a spotlight on 25 classic DJs, record labels, venues and tracks, offering an extensive overview of the pre-rave roots of dance culture.

The book is beautifully illustrated by Pete Fowler, and contains a series of concise articles that previously appeared in DJ Mag, exploring the pre-rave era of dance music.

And as Wilson tells 909originals, the book has been “flying out”, earning quality endorsements from the likes of Richard Searling and Gilles Peterson, among others.

By his reckoning, all copies might be “gone within a fortnight”, so there’s no time like the present if you want to purchase one.

As the official blurb puts it, ‘Written from the personal perspective of Greg Wilson, with countless first hand experiences within the developments of the scene, the story begins, in the 1960s, over a decade before he took to the decks, where the foundations were laid by a series of trailblazers.

‘With the scene set, most of the book focuses on the 1970s, as mixing began to take root with DJ community, initially in New York, whilst advancing technology plateaued with an explosion of underground electronic experiments of the 1980s, the narrative finishing up just ahead of the much-told story about the rave explosion.’

The perfect way, in other words, to whet your appetite until we get to return to the dance floor once again.

Click here for details on how to purchase it.

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