As discussed earlier in the week in the pages of 909originals, this past Wednesday marked the 20th anniversary of the second Homelands Ireland, which took place on 29 April 2000.

With a DeLorean sadly not available, 909originals has delved into our time-addled memory bank to recall as many tracks as we can from that festival… and put together a playlist just in time for the weekend.

As you can tell, the plethora of trance tracks shows that we spent most of our time that day in the Lush arena (sorry, Sir Henry’s!), but if there’s one abiding musical memory of the whole thing, it’s that Black Legend’s You See The Trouble With Me, yes, the one that samples Barry White, was everywhere… especially out of the chip vans and ice cream stalls.

With a mix of bona-fide classics, cheese-tactic chart hits and one or two guilty pleasures, here are 50 tunes that we remember hearing at Homelands Ireland 2000… more than five hours of music. Why not share your memories of tracks in the comments below?

Shuffle mode… on! “Oggie oggi oggi… OI OI OI!” 🙂

1 thought on “Keeping the Homelands Ireland 2000 buzz going…. here’s a playlist of tracks we remember from the day

  1. i may have missed it but jeff mills the bells was definitely one of the standout tracks.

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