Surgeon has put together a mix of his own productions and remixes from 1994 to 2018, and yes, it is as good as you think it is…

Looking to inject some techno in your Tuesday?

Techno maestro Surgeon, has put together a mix comprised entirely of his own productions between 1994 and 2018, from his early tracks for labels like Tresor and Downwards, through to the most recent cuts on his own Dynamic Tension imprint.

The mix forms part of the Northamptonshire native’sSelf Isolation mix series, and he has also included a smattering of remixes, including reworks of tracks by Ben Sims, Oliver Ho, DJ Shufflemaster, Steve Bicknell and many more.

There’s even room for a personal fave of ours here at 909originals, the epic Midnight Cub Tracks II. 🙂

As he put it in a Tweet yesterday, “Here’s another mix for you to enjoy during lockdown and self isolation. This time it’s my own productions and remixes from 1994 to 2018. It brought back a lot of happy memories. I hope you enjoy it too. Stay safe, please look after each other.”

Mr Child, you are really spoiling us…


Surgeon – Seven Peaceful Deities
Surgeon – Courage To Face Up To
Surgeon – Death Before Surrender
Surgeon – THX1139 (wirr)
Surgeon – Electric Chicken
Surgeon – Inside
Paul Bailey – Saturday Boy (Surgeon remix)
Surgeon – Convenience Trap Part 3
Surgeon – Transparent Radiation
Surgeon – The Vibratory Waves of External Unity
Surgeon – Badger Redux
Surgeon – Magneze
Surgeon – Action
Surgeon – Sleep (Ultra Violet)
Surgeon – Klonk Part 1
Surgeon – October Request [live]
Surgeon – Bland Ambition Part 4
Surgeon – Over Kosovo
Surgeon – Intro (version II)
Ben Sims – Neurosis (Surgeon remix)
Surgeon – Right Road To Dubland
Oliver Ho – Meta2 (Surgeon remake)
Surgeon – Convenience Trap Part 2
DJ Shufflemaster – Experience (Surgeon remix)
Surgeon – Bland Ambition Part 1
Surgeon – Klonk Part 2
Surgeon – earth-sinking-into-water
Surgeon meets Outline – Golden Age
Surgeon – Body Request [live]
Surgeon – Fixed Action Pattern
Surgeon – Bad Hands Break Part II
Surgeon – RADIANCE
Surgeon – Convenience Trap Part 1
65D Mavericks – Earthbound (Surgeon remake)
Surgeon – Deep
Surgeon – Bad Hands
Surgeon – Scorn
Surgeon – The Etheric Body
Surgeon – Prowler
Surgeon – The Primary Clear Light
Steve Bicknell – Why and For Whom (Surgeon remix)
JK Flesh – Nothing Is Free (Surgeon remix)
Surgeon – Midnight Club Tracks II Part 1
Hypnoskull – MechInd(Surgeon remix)
Surgeon – Screw The Roses [live]
Surgeon – Convenience Trap Part 4
Surgeon – CBX13 [live]
Surgeon – Return
Leo Anibaldi – Attack Random (Surgeon remix)
Surgeon – At The Heart Of It All

[Main picture by Ali Wade, sourced from Creative Commons]

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