The Slate – selected issues for your reading pleasure

If ever there was a publication that could act as a panacea for the bizarre times we live in at the moment, it would be The Slate, the irreverent, unashamedly provocative freesheet distributed on the streets of Dublin between late December 2000 and October 2003.

With that in mind, over the coming days, 909originals is going to upload selected back issues of The Slate (minus the ads), for your reading pleasure. Check in every now and again to view another issue – click the cover to read the issue in question.

PS – If you’re easily offended, it’s probably advisable to look away now. 🙂

October 2001 (22mb)
June 2002 (25 mb)
October 2002 (25 mb)
January 2001 (28 mb)
April 2002 (25mb)
March 2003 (21mb)
Feb 2003 (26mb)
Sept 2001 (28 mb)
Apr 2003 (28 mb)
September 2002 (22mb)
July 2002 (21mb)
June 2001 (22mb)
May 2003 (27mb)
May 2002 (25mb)
November 2002 (27mb)
March 2003 (24mb)
December 2002 (24mb)
October 2003 (13mb)

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