The comments on this rave video are the reason we love dance music…

Look up ‘acid house’ on YouTube, and it won’t be long until you come across this incredible 24-minute video by The Kino Library, an archive film agency committed to preserving pop culture footage.

With close to 1.9 million views, the video, which captures an Energy warehouse party at Raydon Airfield in the summer of 1989, is a proper time capsule – thousands of like-minded folk getting ‘on one matey’, with Evil Eddie Richards on the ones and twos.

We’d also like to think the ’pyjama twins’ at the 22-minute mark are still out there dancing somewhere, 30 years later… 🙂

While the video itself is enough the warm the cockles of an old raver’s heart, the YouTube comments section that follows is equally filled with nostalgia, as many of those present at said rave (now in their late 40s and early 50s) reminisce about those halcyon days.

As YouTube user Tam James puts it, “Me and mates were driving a Peugeot 205 gti, and at about 5.00am I went to the car to get some skins. I had a football in there too so I took it out and kicked it in the air. Next thing, there was like 50 to 100 of us out of our faces passing and kicking the ball to each other, it was so hilarious trying to kick the ball as we were so gone we kept missing it and falling over – best time ever.

“Trust me when I say this, these were beautiful times to be alive, the parties, the music, the people… Epic in every sense.”

Elsewhere, the eloquently-named Trev Spunkbubble adds, “I was there. Now 50 years old, a grandfather with my own business. Still listen to the tunes and now my kids are all grown up. Myself and my wife who i met at a rave way back then have just started going out again to old skool reunions.

“We don’t indulge in the chemical side of things no more but its these days which made us and am so glad we didn’t have social media back then. Life back then was a lot less complicated…”

The footage was shot at Raydon Airfield, near Ipswich, in the summer of 1989

The Herbalizer weighs in with, “LMAO remembering the time were waiting for the bus home late in the morning after hard partying and suddenly realised we were dancing at the bus stop to the idling of a bus engine. Couldn’t stop laughing when we realised what we were doing.

Wicked beats were everywhere. Man, them were the days…….”

There’s also room for a witty anecdote or two, like this one from Hot Skillet Mama: “Being a 9 or 10 year old lad in ‘89 I was very jealous watching my two oldest brothers going to these raves.

“I remember going through one brother’s rave cassettes and finding a small piece of folded pornography magazine. I thought my luck was in and quickly unfolded to catch a glimpse of some tits BUT suddenly this white powder emptied onto his bedroom floor. Unable to salvage I hoovered it up and ran..”

And let’s leave the last word to Max Heidcase, who says, “Doesn’t seem like 1989. I turned 18 that year and the possibilities seemed endless. I’m 46 now but as long as the music still speaks to me I’ll never grow old.”

Hear hear! Rave on all ravers! 🙂

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