Remember when Phil Collins went acid house..?

Not all that long ago, we explored an unexpected foray into bleep techno from Wacaday’s Timmy Mallett (no, seriously – check it out here), and we’re following that up with an early acid house cut from a similarly unlikely source… Phil Collins.

Yes, you read that right.

The balding king of 80s soft rock had, of course, had his dalliances with the dancefloor in the past – who could forget disco classic Sussudio, in which Collins ditches his old Genesis drum kit in favour of a Roland TR-909?

Sussudio, lest we forget, was also particular fave of American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman, which gives it extra brownie points in our book…

But for Hang in Long Enough, the sixth (!) single off 1989 album …But Seriously, Collins turned to a maestro of the 12-inch remix: Shep Pettibone.

The A-side is a typical piece of late 80s pop fluff, with the video (watch it here) seeing Collins sporting the biggest shoulder pads since Angie Watts wandered into the Queen Vic, performing on a sinking ship (career allegory a-hoy!).

On the flip, however, the Hang In Long Enough (Pettibone 12″ Mix), sees the legendary remixer transform Collins’ original into a dancefloor stomper… when the acid synths kick in at 0:51, you can almost smell the Vicks Vapo Rub.

Ok, Collins’ lyrics seem a little out of place – as one Discogs user put it, “this remix sounds like Phil was singing over some Technotronic instrumental” – so Pettibone also had the courtesy to put together a Dub mix, which takes the Buster star out of the picture together.

Reach for the lasers, Phil!

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