Laurent Garnier goes ‘off the record’ in new documentary…

Launching a Kickstarter campaign to finance an upcoming art project is nothing new, but a forthcoming documentary on techno maestro Laurent Garnier is turning that concept on its head somewhat.

Earlier this week, director Gabin Rivoire and producer Julien Loeffler (Featuristic Films) launched a crowdfunding campaign to support Laurent Garnier: Off The Record, which will follow the enigmatic Frenchman as he traverses the international DJ circuit, over a three year period.

It is, according to the PR bumf, an “immersion into the world of electronic music through the eyes of a talented director with exclusive access to one of the most emblematic artists of our time”.

And as for the Kickstarter campaign? Loeffler and his team have set a target of €1 – meaning, it’s not about the money, it’s about having the opportunity to play a role in how the documentary is put together.

In this instance, Kickstarter will serve as a platform to ‘gather a community’ around the documentary and involve them in the creative process, while also granting access to rewards such as private screenings.

So if you’ve ever longed to get into movie production – albeit as part of a collective – click here for more information.

Plus, any mention of Laurent on our site gives us an excuse to post this classic video! As if we needed an excuse.. 🙂

More information is available via the Laurent Garnier: Off The Record Facebook page.

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