Ministry Of Sound’s big night out in Dublin… [April 1998]

Remember April 1998? When going out for a weekend in Dublin would cost you less than £200… hotel AND flights included?

Nor do we. But as this article from Ministry magazine (the publishing arm of Ministry of Sound), published 21 years ago this month (April 1998) shows, it was once possible to let loose in the Irish capital without having to take out a second mortgage.

With the Celtic Tiger still only a cub at that stage, Ministry’s cut-price Celtic adventure starts with Shamrock Rovers v Shelburn (sic) and manages to take in a night out at The Kitchen (with no less than Justin Robertson at the decks), pints at The Globe, an afternoon’s record and clothes shopping, a disco hoedown in Temple Bar (eesh!) and an Eddie Rockets (where else?) among the other festivities, before its onto the Ryanair and back to Blighty.

In fact, the only thing that has remained relatively unchanged about the article are the flight costs – a weekend return flight from London Stansted to Dublin cost £69 then, not far off what it would cost now; provided you book in advance, of course.

Bring back 60p bus fares and £2 kebabs we say… not to mention the wealth of quality club nights Dublin had back then: The Kitchen, The Pod, The Redbox, Temple Theatre…good memories 🙂

Kudos to Brand New Retro for the clippings.

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