The legendary Space Terrace would probably never have existed without this geezer…

Today, 26 November, marks Brandon Block’s 51st birthday, and the London-born DJ’s past is peppered with legendary tales of debauchery – remember the infamous Brit Awards stage invasion? Or the fact that he was awarded the title ‘Caner of the Year’ three times in a row?

For a generation of Ibiza goers, however, Block [pictured in a limited edition Future Past Clothing t-shirt], together with his partner-in-crime Alex P, hold legendary status for a wholly different reason… it was they that helped create the Terrace at Space.

As Block recalled in his 2011 biography, The Life and Lines Of Brandon Block, the move outdoors was as much to do with mischief than it was business acumen.

“It was quite common at the end of another epic day at Space, that I’d lay on the bar as the shutter game down, wedged between the bar and the shutter, protesting at not being allowed to play another record,” he explained.

“Space was very different to how it is now [RIP -Ed], and even how it was at the end of the 90s. […] I think the reason they tolerated our tomfoolery was because we not only brought good business to the club, but also a sense of fun. Many of these guys are still involved in the management of Space, and we’re still treated like royalty when we go there.”

Later in the book, Lisa Loud recalls the energy that ‘Blocko and Peasy’ brought to the Space Terrace.

“I don’t care about any of the big names who have played on the Space Terrace since, when Alex and Brandon were on there, it was always amazing.

“I’d been going to Ibiza since 1985 and experienced the whole Amnesia thing in 1987, and my mate James Mitchell, who had been there since the early days too, created that terrace at Space and tirelessly promoted it. When the Blocko and Peasy injection came, it was absolutely absolutely absolutely magic, and you just didn’t want to leave there.”

Here’s a clip of Blocko and Peasy in their pomp, at MTV Ibiza 1999 – unfortunately not on the Space Terrace, but you get the idea… 🙂

Happy birthday Brandon Block. And Oi Oi!

[Kudos to Paul Johnston for the YouTube upload. Space Ibiza picture taken from]

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