Deadbots are back, and their new album is an 80s synth-infused odyssey…

Deadbots, photographed at the Mill Studios, Dublin on Saturday, 4 November 2017. Photography by Brendan Duffy.

Canadian-Irish pairing Deadbots have built a reputation for laying down some seriously funky electro pop, and on their debut album, Love Unlimited (released earlier this week, visit to purchase), Paul Kelly and ​Nina Knezevic don’t disappoint.

You may have already heard the disco-infused Love Unlimited single, released earlier this year, and the rest of the album follows a similar path; from the dream pop of Check Your Lens, via the Moroder-esque Time, through to our personal favourite, Computer Controlled, which sounds like it was lifted from one of the early International Deejay Gigolo compilations.

The net result is a sun-drenched vibe that wouldn’t be out of place in a Nicolas Winding Refn movie…

909originals caught up with Paul and Nina to get the lowdown on how the album came together.

Q. It’s about four years since Deadbots’ last major release, the single UFirst… what took you so long?

We just let the music making process happen organically. We spent a couple of years developing an eclectic sound that would compliment the way we approach the music-making process. That involved introducing more synths, processors, drum machines, effects and even live bass to our sound.

After experimenting a lot we started to take some concepts, old and new, and develop them using our new perspective. We made a lot of tracks during that time. What you hear on the album is what we felt were a strong collection of songs that complimented each other well as a musical journey.

Q. The new album is self-released, rather than being on a label. Did this give you more creative freedom in the sound you were trying to cultivate?

Yeah, definitely.

Q. How would you sum up the overall ‘sound’ of the album?

Eclectic for sure. We love 80s video games and movies. We also love 80s/90s culture. It was an amazing time for music. Especially disco, house, funk and techno.

Q. What’s your favourite track on the album, and why?

Each song has it’s place. It all really depends on how you feel, which is the beauty of a diverse album of music, we suppose.

Q. What plans are underway to take the album on tour?

We are working on a live show at the moment. We’re just figuring out how it’ll all work together right now, then we’ll be immersed in a room of wires and drowning in cups of tea for a couple of weeks before the music and rehearsals begin.

We want to make something as special as we can. So, hopefully, if the album’s well received, we’ll be able to take it out on the road.

Thanks to Paul and Nina for the interview. Photo by Brendan Duffy. Love Unlimited is available to purchase at

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