THROWBACK THURSDAY: The Prodigy – Android (Pope v Paisley mix)

Given that Pope Francis hits Dublin this weekend, it gives 909originals the opportunity to resurrect a much-loved bootleg of The Prodigy’s Android, featuring guest vocals from Pope John Paul II and firebrand DUP leader Ian Paisley…

Yes, you read that right.

A track that received regular airplay on Dublin pirate stations Sunset FM and DLR FM, among others, in the early to mid 90s; this bootleg existed in semi-mythology (and on a few old, battered, C90s), before a YouTube user called garlybhoy uploaded it to YouTube a few years ago.

To be fair, listening back to it all these years later, the vocal samples are a bit overdone, and the quality is horrendous.

But for a generation of Dubliners, every time this gem came on the radio, it was ample  excuse to reach for the extra-strength Communion wafers. Also, the bit at 3:02 is unbelievable… 🙂

All together now… “Young people of Ireland… I love you…”

[Kudos to garlybhoy for the YouTube upload]

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