Happy 21st birthday to a bona fide classic… Da Hool’s ‘Meet Her At The Love Parade’

Do you remember what you were doing in August 1997? Chances are, whatever it was, it was soundtracked by Da Hool’s Meet Her At The Love Parade, released on August 4th of that year on Thunderdome imprint ID&T.

Da Hool was the alter ego of Frank Tomiczek, also known as DJ Hooligan,  who had enjoyed moderate success with Rave Nation and Sueño Futuro prior to ‘…Love Parade’, which was in many ways the Bottrop-born producer’s high water mark. 

The oscillating synth intro alone is enough to give us goosebumps, even after more than two decades.

A couple of years later, Tomiczek was releasing tracks with titles like Wankers On Duty – perhaps a sign of frustration? – although he did make a promising comeback in 2015 with MHATLP, alongside Oliver Heldens.

While the Love Parade itself is now gone (and, we suspect, unlikely to return), Meet Her At The Love Parade remains a bona fide classic, and a time capsule from a glorious summer, 21 years ago. 🙂

[Kudos to kosmorecords for the YouTube upload]

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