THROWBACK THURSDAY – The Hypnotist: The House Is Mine (1991)

Quick pop quiz. What has The Hypnotist’s rave epic The House is Mine have in common with horror classic Silence of the Lambs

No, it’s not that both were released in 1991, but good guess.

It’s the fact that the eerie vocal snippet, “The House is Mine”, that appears throughout the track is taken from Manhunter, the movie version of Thomas Harris’ debut Hannibal Lecter novel Red Dragon, the prequel to Silence of the Lambs, which came out in 1986.

The Hypnotist, aka the late Caspar Pound (RIP), was one of the most prolific early acid house producers, and with 1991’s The House is Mine, he successfully bridged the gap between piano house goodness and late night rave hysteria.

Like a turbo-charged version of Bizarre Inc’s Playing with Knives, the track weaves through it’s various phases in a similarly emphatic manner to how Hannibal Lecter cut through victims… unashamedly.

Unconvinced? Don’t take my word for it, take that of Discogs user Snadge, whose memories of the track appear to have been drenched in lysergic acid…

“[It’s] 1992, and I’m 17 and tripping on strawberry acid dips at the beach with my pals with my Hitachi 3D Super-Woofer 80-watts blasting these tunes. […] The ruff synth samples with lots of flanger, and trippy slow-then-speeded-up voices on its intro, totally blew our minds leaving us rewinding the tape over and over.

“Of course, there were many a tune that blew your mind on acid, but THIS ONE was one of the top ranking tunes.”

Wherever you are Caspar, I’m sure you’ll appreciate that one! 🙂

[Kudos to HouseMaster75 for the YouTube upload]

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