Think your day is going well? Not as well, I would argue, as it was for these punters, who attended the Fantazia summer soirée in Bournemouth 26 years ago today…

Building on the strength of a New Years bash and ‘Second Sight’ party in February of that year, the Fantazia Summertime event welcomed around 16,000 ravers to Matchams Park Stadium, Bournemouth for a glorious all-night affair.

On the bill? Rave legends including Ratpack, Easygroove, Ellis Dee, Sy, Slipmatt, Top Buzz and Ratty, among others, with the music blasting until 8 in the morning.

As the official review on the Fantazia website puts it, “The first impression was unbelief, it was almost like going back in time to the days of old, who remembers Sunrise, Biology Etc? This definitely is as close as you could get in this present time of raving to finding out what it used to be like.”

Looking for evidence as to whether things were really better ‘back in the day’? You found it…

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