Legendary Belgian techno club Fuse opened its doors 24 years ago this week. Here’s a documentary about how it all came together… [April 1994]

Paris has Le Grand Rex, Berlin has Tresor, and Brussels has Fuse.

The legendary Belgian techno club opened its doors 24 years ago this week (on 16 April to be exact), creating a powerful legacy that is still as strong as ever, close to a quarter century on.

A documentary, Fuse: The History Of Belgium’s Premier Techno Club, developed by Red Bull Elektropedia, was released earlier this year. In it, founder Peter Decuypere summed up the challenges involved in opening what at the time was a unique concept.

“I thought: the world is waiting for a techno club,” he explained. “But how wrong I could be.”

Decuypere notes that in Fuse’s early days, there was limited interest, particularly in a club that specialised in techno.

“It was a misjudgment of the phenomenon. […] At that time there was no techno club anywhere in Europe, or no club that was open every week. I believed that there was a support base, but ‘my’ world is not necessarily ‘the’ world.”

Thankfully, for the sake of a generation of clubbers and DJs, Decuypere decided to stick with it, and the club began to fill up by the summer of 94.

Check out this trailer for the documentary, featuring VTM News anchor Dany Verstraeten attempting to explain just what sort of music guests could expect at the now-legendary venue.

Fuse: The History Of Belgium’s Premier Techno Club is available to watch here.

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