On Andrew Weatherall’s birthday, check out the tracks that inspired Screamadelica…

Something magical was obviously in the air on 6 April 1963, as both Detroit legend Derrick May and Andrew Weatherall share the same birthday.

As a producer, remixer, DJ and all round musical pioneer, Weatherall’s early work hit arguably its high water mark with Screamadelica, the album he produced for Primal Scream in 1990/91.

In 2010, he produced a mix for BBC 6 Music, in which he revealed the influences behind the classic album, which had a closer association with the psychedelic, acid house culture of the time than with the Scottish rockers’ back catalogue.

The good people at Testpressing.org were on hand to archive the mix, which can be found on their website, and includes cuts from Isaac Hayes, The Delfonics, Jah Wobble, Can and others.

Click here to listen to the mix.

So blow out that birthday candle and prepare to enjoy one of the most eclectic music selections from a bona fide legend.

[Kudos to Testpressing for the upload]


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