Like Moby’s ‘Go’? Here are all the original remixes, back to back, over the course of an hour…

The Twin Peaks-sampling Go by Moby deserves to be held up as one of the epoch-defining tracks of the 90s,

However, along with the familiar Woodtick Mix, arguably the best known version, Moby released a myriad of alternative mixes of the track in the early 90s, mainly by himself, but also calling upon the remix services of artists such as Jam & Spoon.

Here, presented over the course of an hour and three minutes (and previously released in 1996 on Instinct Records), are all the original remixes of Go – featuring some notable inclusions: the Original Mix (at 17.07) drops the Laura Palmer’s Theme sample altogether (did Moby add this at a later date?) while the Delirium Mix (at 27.21) recalls early work by The Prodigy.

Elsewhere, the In Dub mix (48.00) is a chilled out journey through ambient and dub reggae, with spooky distorted vocals intoning “we are the future”.

As for the Amphetamix (60.23)? You don’t need to be a genius to work out how that one goes…

Track List:

01 Woodtick Mix 00:00
02 Analog Mix 04:27
03 Subliminal Mix 07:53
04 Night Time Mix 12:05
05 Original Mix 17:07
06 Low Spirit Mix 19:18
07 Rainforest Mix 22:14
08 Delirium Mix 27:21
09 Voodoo Child Mix 33:25
10 Barracuda Mix 38:09
11 Arpathoski Mix 42:50
12 In Dub Mix 48:00
13 Soundtrack Mix 54:49
14 Amphetamix 60:23

[Kudos to slapyaface for the upload]

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