Dance music invades the (commercial) airwaves… [January 1995]

Dance music invades the (commercial) airwaves... [January 1995]

This year, as many of you know, marks the 25th anniversary of the first BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, broadcast on October 30 of that year.

But while the broadcast may have been welcomed by many in the dance music fraternity, that didn’t stop Radio 1 continuing to lose listeners to the increasing number of pirate stations.

So, in late 1994, the BBC decided to ‘double down’ on its youth content, announcing two new shows, helmed by Danny Rampling and Tim Westwood.

As this Mixmag article from January 1995 suggests, it was about time that the BBC woke up and drank the Kool Aid.

“There’s a new attitude, a new way of thinking,” Rampling explained at the time. “It’s getting the whole country ready to go out.”

Dance music invades the (commercial) airwaves... [January 1995]

Whatever about that, look at the baby face on Pete Tong..!

[Article snippet from Mixmag, January 1995]


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