12 TUNES OF CHRISTMAS: Incredible Intros. #9: T99 – Anasthasia [1991]

The festive rundown continues with a track that is an audio representation of the old expression ‘go hard or go home’.

The majority of T99’s Anasthasia, produced by Belgium’s Patrick De Meyer and Olivier Abbeloos, never quite lives up to its opening, as descending chords assault the listener, before the powerful drums kick in, the strobe lights start to go nuts, and the whole thing goes a bit… wait, is that Vicks I can smell in the air?

The track was a top ten hit in the Netherlands and Belgium, and even reached #14 in the U.K. charts, albeit with a vocal version that falls a bit short in my opinion.

But there’s just SOMETHING about that intro…


#12: Royal House – Can You Party
#11: LFO – Freak
#10: Maurice – This Is Acid (K & T Mix)
#9: T99 – Anasthasia
#8: ???

[Kudos to TheMikkehouse for the YouTube upload]

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