12 TUNES OF CHRISTMAS: Incredible Intros. #10: Maurice – This Is Acid (K & T Mix) [1988]

For the third instalment of our festive countdown, we turn the clock back 30 years for a tune that helped define acid house – after all, it’s all in the name…

There’s a school of thought that D-Mob’s We Call It Acieed!was the defining track of the emerging acid scene in the late 80s, but while producer Dancin’ Danny D’s (what a name!) effort certainly warranted chart success, I was never a fan; there was a lingering sense of ‘trying too hard’ about the whole thing.

On the other hand, Maurice Joshua’s This Is Acid (K & T Mix) ticks all the boxes.

Released on Vendetta Records, remixed by Les Adams and featuring vocals from ‘Hot Hands Hula’ Malone, this has all the ingredients of a classic acid house cut: rave stabs, sirens, breakbeats, female screams, pitch shift vocals, breakdowns… the lot.

From the opening seconds, in fact, the listener is already hooked; transported to warehouse raves and house parties of evenings long since passed, but never forgotten…


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#10: Maurice – This Is Acid (K & T Mix)
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[Kudos to Zinammo for the YouTube upload]

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