This documentary contains everything you need to know about electronic music in early 90s Berlin… [1993]

Music site Electronic Beats recently uncovered a gem lurking away in the far back reaches of YouTube – a documentary on early 90s Berlin trance and techno, hosted by MFS Records founder Mark Reeder.

Directed by Ben Hardyment, the documentary, entitled MFS Berliner Trance, is a step by step guide to the electronic music scene in the newly-reunified German capital a quarter of a century ago, packed into 26 glorious minutes.

Among the attractions is Paul van Dyk chatting about how the fall of the Berlin Wall enabled east Germans (like himself) to go record shopping for the first time…

…Laurent Garnier waxing lyrical about Berlin’s legendary E-Werk…

…Love Parade founder Dr Motte talking about ‘bunker parties’ in abandoned warehouses, and why only ‘the freaks’ go clubbing in East Berlin…

…Mijk van Dijk on how to construct an epic live set (with ne’er a computer in sight)…

…And some epic archival footage of an ‘underground’ east Berlin club circa 1986 (and six years later)…

[Serious kudos to The Soundtrack of Zapresic for the upload – this is EPIC]

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