That time Carl Cox mixed it up with Zig & Zag… [February 1996]

The legend that is Carl Cox has been a mainstay of the dance scene since before most of us were in nappies, and has shared the stage with any number of legends, including, around 21 years ago, two aliens from the Planet Zog…

In February 1996, Cox appeared on Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast as a special guest on Zig & Zag’s ‘Damp FM’ pirate radio station, an episode that was clearly the highlight of the big man’s career. [Someone, somewhere, must have this on VHS, and if you do, please please please upload it to YouTube…- Ed]

No doubt enlivened by this experience, Cox would go on to carve out a career as one of the biggest names in dance music, while Zig & Zag would go on to… ehhhh… your guess is as good as mine?

The two aliens, which started life on The Den, a children’s TV programme in Ireland back in the 1980s (which over the years featured everyone from Technotronic to Irish President Mary Robinson among its guests ) haven’t much been heard of since they were turned into an animated series for CBBC in 2016.

Something tells me though, if Carl was to give the two boys a call for a Space Ibiza reunion tour, Damp FM might be back in business…

[Picture by James Harry/Planet 24. Taken from MUZIK Magazine, May 1996]

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