SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND – This 1994 mix by Colin Dale is a bit special…

Colin Dale has been one of the hardest working men in dance music since he joined the then-pirate Kiss FM in the mid-80s.

His Abstrakt Dance radio show, alongside the late Colin Faver, was one of the most groundbreaking of its era, ‘which quite simply bought Techno to the masses,’ as his biography reads. Whether touring as support DJ for Jesus Jones, or rocking the crowd at any number of illegal raves, Dale has long had his finger on the pulse.

This set, recorded for HR3 Klubnacht in Germany, illustrates Dale’s lengthy list of influences, with Sven Väth’s Beauty and the Beast, Secret Cinema’s Timeless Attitude, Dave Clarke’s Wisdom to the Wise and Frank de Wulf’s Play among the standout tracks across more than two hours of blistering early 1990s techno.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Dale is still very much active as a DJ, recently starring among the likes of Terry Farley, Ellis Dee, Trevor Fung, Evil Eddie Richards and Shades of Rhythm at the Acid House Experience: 30 Years of Acid House event in London in October.

[Picture by Martin Henry, from; Mix uploaded by Michael Engert]

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